The 386 Experience Virtual Machines

Here we have some virtual machines that you can download and run on your modern day computer that will allow you to experience operating systems and software during the early days of personal computer use.  You can run a Windows 3.1 operating system within your Windows 10 machine!  Try out some of the old games that you haven't played since 1993!

We have a download for Oracle VirtualBox listed below that works on Windows computers.  Also, a link to a page where other Virtual Machine downloads are available for you to choose from for the operating system that you are running.

How To:

  1. Download and install Oracle VirtualBox to your computer.
  2. Download one of the Virtual Machine files listed here.
  3. Enjoy the experience of using vintage operating systems and software!

If you have a virtual machine that you would like to share, attach it to an email and send it to:

Oracle VirtualBox Downloads

Oracle VirtualBox 5.1.22 for Windows
Oracle VirtualBox
VirtualBox 5.1.22
Oracle VirtualBox Downloads Page Oracle VirtualBox

Virtual Machine Downloads

DOS 6.22 Operating System DOS 6.22 Image
DOS 6.22 Virtual Machine
Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Windows 3.11 Image Windows 3.11 Virtual Machine

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