The 386 Experience Videos

Below are videos of vintage computers and electronics.  Some are demonstrations and others are "how to" videos.  

Vintage Computer Videos

iLamp and iClock
1995 Gateway 2000 Laptop and Printer Set
Apple Airport Extreme Wifi Card Installation into an G5 iMac
iMac G5 Hinge Repair
1993 Compaq Contura 430C Demonstration
1995 Compaq Presario CDS All-In-One Computer
1993 Compaq Contura 430C - Starting up DOS 6.2 and Windows 3.1
Windows 3.1 Dial Up BBS
Hitachi VisionPlate Operating System Install
Ergo Audrey by 3Com
Smith Corona PWP 5000 Word Processor 1989
Compaq Portable Computer 1983

Vintage Software Review Videos

Billy - Artificial Intelligence

Vintage Technology Videos

Craig 8-Track Stereo
1960 General Electric Tube Clock Radio

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