We have over 150 games available here for download.  Always looking for more to add to our collection.  If you have any that you would like to share, attach it to an email and send it to:

10th Frame Bowling 1987 Early pro bowling simulator. 164 kb 10thframe.exe
Duke Nukem 1 Early 2d RPG. 306 kb
3d Pool Simple pool table game. 95 kb
3D PacMan It is pacman with a 3d effect. 23 kb
4D Boxing Sort of a boxing type game - not sure why it is called "4D" (maybe it is a grade....) 529 kb
688 Attack Sub Command a sub and fire torpedos. 175 kb
Advanced Flight Trainer 1987 This was only "advanced" in the 80's. 116 kb
Air Traffic Tower for MS Flight Simulator 5.1 Add the Air Traffic Tower to MS Flight Simulator version 5.1. 5304 kb towerfs51.rar
Another World Wander through another world. 1135 kb
Back to the Future 2 A rip off of Back to the Future. 1135 kb
Baseball A simple baseball type game. 607 kb
Battle Zone 1987 The classic tank game. 44 kb
Bicycle Blackjack Blackjack card game. 264 kb
Bicycle Cribbage The card game of Cribbage. 280 kb
Bicycle Solitaire Solitaire card game. 227 kb
Billy An interesting artificial intelligence program. 228 kb
Blockout Classic arcade game. 102 kb
Bobble The jumbled letters scrabble type game. 5609 kb
Bomberman Arcade game where you are able to leave bombs around to destroy your opponents. 301 kb
California Game A collection of games California style. 235 kb
Carnage A . 248 kb
Centipede 1983 Classic arcade style game. 607 kb
Cheesy Invaders A spin-off of space invaders. 609 kb
Chess 1984 A very simple chess game. 9 kb chess.exe
Civilization Choose a society and try to rule the world. 4840 kb
CrossFire 1982 Popular action game. 17 kb
CrossWord 1987 Create and solve crossword puzzles. 229 kb
CrossWord A more detailed crossword game. 3601 kb
Dare to Dream RPG game. 937 kb
Death Track You drive around and kill people. 472 kb
Death Zone A simple shooting game. 158 kb
Die Hard Based on the movie. 514 kb
Doom 1.9 The original 1st person shooter game with 3d effects. 2394 kb
Duke Nukem 2 Run through a 2d landscape, shoot and try not to get killed. 1120 kb
Earl Weaver Baseball A simple baseball type game. 342 kb
Enigma Very challenging and realistic pinball game. Works best with a color screen. 729 kb
Epic Pinball Great pinball action. 3317 kb
F 15 Strike Eagle 1986 A simple air combat game. 53 kb
Microsoft Flight Simulator Version 4 Take off and land planes, design planes, land on an aircraft carrier, etc. 382 kb
Microsoft Flight Simulator Version 5.1 More advanced version of flight simulator than FS4. 4421 kb
Gun Ship 1987 A simple game involving naval battles. 323 kb
Helicopter Simulator 1.0 1987 Take off and land your helicopter. 69 kb
Jack Nickolas Golf A challenging game of golf. 647 kb
Jeopardy PC version of the popular TV show. 655 kb
Joust Ride flying horses and joust. 47 kb
Laser Chess A more exciting version of the board game. 98 kb
Leisure Suit Larry Enjoy the adventures of Larry. 267 kb
Lemmings A popular arcade style game. 294 kb
Marble Madness 1986 Create mazes and run marbles through them. 208 kb
Mega Man 3 You are Mega Man and must battle many enemies. 270 kb
Microsoft Golf Version 1 The first version of Microsoft Golf. 1992. 2518 kb
Microsoft Toy Store Similar to Microsoft Arcade - a collection of games. 3956 kb
Monopoly The game of capitalism. 66 kb
Moraff's Pinball A simple pinball game. 79 kb
Mortal Pong An intense version of Pong. 231 kb
Mr. Boom Similar to BomberMan. 301 kb
Microsoft Arcade Collection of popular games. 1329 kb
Microsoft Entertainment Collection of popular games. 780 kb
Ms. PacMan The popular arcade pacman game. 54 kb
Night Mission Pinball 1982 A very simple type game. 58 kb nmpinball.exe
Offroad Drive vehicles in offroad situations. 295 kb
Out Run Arcade game. 920 kb
Pac Man An early pacman game. 74 kb
Pac Man 2 A better pacman game. 198 kb
Pac PC Another pacman game. 120 kb
Paper Boy Deliver newspapers and score points. 80 kb
PC Golf A simple golf game. 28 kb
PC Pool A simple pool game. 607 kb pcpool.exe
Pinball Arcade CD-ROM Excellent DOS pinball game. This game plays off of a CD. 1994 55986 kb PinballArcade.iso
Pinball Dream A very good pinball game. 497 kb
Platoon 1987 Army combat game. 252 kb
Pong A very good pong game. 44 kb
Pong 3K Another pong game. 4 kb
Rally A car racing game. 73 kb
Red Baron A airplane combat game. 2591 kb
Robotron 2084 A simple robot battle game. 40 kb robotron.exe
Scrabble Classic spelling game. 63 kb
Sim City The original. 861 kb
Simpsons A game based on "The Simpsons" TV show. 1037 kb
Skate or Die You skate good or you die. 642 kb
Ski A snow skiing game. 445 kb
Skyroads A challenging game. 502 kb
Slix A car racing slick track game. 348 kb
Solitaire A car racing game. 149 kb
Sopwith A airplane flying game. 60 kb
Spiderman A 2d game featuring the Amazing Spiderman. 169 kb
Starwars 1987 Let the force be with you. 166 kb starwars1987.exe
Stunts Try to be a stunt man. 1114 kb
Summer Games II Compete in summer games. 145 kb
Super Pong A challenging pong game. 877 kb
Super Copter A helicopter flying game. 28 kb
Supercross Motocross game. 1271 kb
Super Off Road An off road vehicle game. 280 kb
Tank Game Battle tanks in a maze type layout. 106 kb
Tanks A tank game. 102 kb
Tank Wars Battle another tank. 179 kb
Tennis 1987 A tennis game. 69 kb tennis.exe
Test Drive 3 Select a car and drive it. 734 kb
Tetris Classic block stacking game. 16 kb tetris.exe
Tetris 2 A block stacking game. 19 kb
The Cycles Grand Prix A motorcyle racing game. 331 kb
Theme Park Create your own theme park. 1937 kb
Tomahawk Challenging arcade type game. 107 kb tomahawk.exe
Top Secret Arcade game. 206 kb
Top Gun Loosely based on the Top Gun movie. 54 kb
Tower Find your way down the tower. 104 kb
Trivial Pursuit Trivia question game. 207 kb
Volleyball Very simple volleyball game. 24 kb
Warcraft The first version of the classic game. 1467 kb
Win Golf A golfing game. 559 kb
Winter Games Compete in winter games. 612 kb
Microprose World Circuit Racing Great Grand Prix Race Simulation game. 1992 3970 kb
Wolfenstein 3D Very challenging game. 712 kb
World Class Leader Board Racing game. 129 kb
Yahtzee Classic dice game. 24 kb

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