Compression Programs

Click on a link below to select a file.  Some of the files are in compressed formats and will need to be extracted in order to use them.  If you have a file that you would like to share, attach it to an email and send it to:

PK Zip for DOS version 2.50 Great compression program that will work with DOS. 203 kb pk250dos.exe
PK Ware Windows version of PK Zip. Works great in unzipping files. Windows 3.1. 666 kb pkware.exe
Power Archiver A very good compression program. Minimum requirement is WIndows 95. 1,610 kb powerarchiver.exe
Teledisk TDO Files A very small compression program for TDO format files. 52 kb
WinImage Compression program for use with WinImage files. Minimum requirement is Windows 95. 305 kb
Win Rar Compression program for use with .rar files. Minimum requirement is Windows 3.1. 923 kb winrar.exe
WinZip 3.1 Very popular compression program. This version requires Windows 3.1. 615 kb winzip31.exe

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