Click on a link below to select a file.  Some of the files are in compressed formats and will need to be extracted in order to use them.  If you have any files that you would like to share, attach it to an email and send it to:

Almanac 3.0 Organizer. Includes calendar and to do lists.. 364 kb
Almanac for Windows 1.5 Personal organizer. Requires windows. 169 kb
Music Organizer Program to create a database for organizing your recorded music collection. 276 kb
AOL 3.0 Old version of AOL isp software for Windows 3.1. 1,364 kb
Arachne Browser 1.66 Web browser for DOS. 967 kb archn166.exe
Astronomy Lab Program that creates images of the planets and stars. View contellations and the planets from different view points and in motion. 377 kb
Calmira 3.0 Windows 3.1 desktop enhancement. Gives a "Windows 95" look and feel to Windows 3.1. 608 kb
Calmira 3.02 This is a slightly more advanced version of Calmira 3.0. 606 kb
Calmira 3.3 Yet another further developed version of Calmira. 871 kb Calmira33.exe
Cookbook Cookbook full of recipes that are searchable in several ways. Works in DOS. 956 kb
Deluxe Print Printshop like program for DOS. 197 kb
DosLynx Version 0.8 Lynx for DOS. 230 kb
Boot Disk for DOS 6.22 Disk for use in booting to DOS prompt. 1030 kb boot622.exe
Microsoft Excel version 4 Spreadsheet Program. 6213 kb
Faxmail version 9.24 Send faxes from your computer. 945 kb
FaxWorks version 3 Similar to Faxmail - less complicated. 988 kb
Gen2Web Converts gedcom genealogy files to HTML to allow uploading and publishing on the internet. 48 kb
Graffiti Saver Screen saver that sprays words of your choice onto the desktop. 387 kb
HP Calculator HP calculator program. 19 kb
Illustrator version 4 Adobe graphics. 5679 kb
Italian Cookbook Italian recipes. 445 kb
Laplink 3 Allows transfer of files from your laptop to your desktop. 78 kb laplink3.exe
Lotus 123 Excel spreadsheet style program. 3915 kb
Lotus Organizer Personal information manager. 941 kb
Lynx for DOS DOS web browser. 1423 kb
McAfee 4.02 Antivirus Software Antivirus software. 5282 kb
Betty Crocker Cookbook Cookbook. 337 kb microcook.ZIP
Microsoft Office version 4 Office suite of programs - Word, Excel, Access, and Power Point. 22549 kb mso4.rar
Microsoft Publisher 2 Desktop publishing program. 6596 kb
Microsoft Word Word processing program. 1076 kb
Netscape 4.08 Web browser program. 14959 kb netscape408.exe
Offsite Explorer Small HTML viewer/editor. 463 kb
PC Anywhere version 1 Connect to your PC by modem from anywhere. 795 kb
PC Anywhere version 1.6 Connect to your PC from by modem from anywhere. 2438 kb
PC Globe Map and atlas program. 1157 kb
Personal Ancestral File Genealogy program. Organize your family tree. 789 kb
Printshop Early version of this printing program. 566 kb
ProtoCad Architectual drawing program. 338 kb
Real Audio Player 1.0 Play real audio files. 305 kb rawin100.exe
RCP Windows Recipes for windows. 72 kb
Scheduling Employees for Windows version 4 Employee scheduling program. 585 kb
PC Speaker Driver This program converts your internal PC speaker to operate as a sound card and speaker - will play .wav files. 22 kb speakerdrv.exe
Sssheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet program - resembles Excel. 919 kb
Talk Will narrate any text file. Allows choice of various voices. 295 kb
Think Thesaurus A thesaurus. 791 kb
US Atlas Maps and atlas for the United States. 117 kb
DOS 6.20 Utilities Additional utilities for DOS 6.20. 3907 kb
Webford HTML Editor. 1046 kb
Word for Windows 1.1 Desktop publishing program. 4286 kb
Windows 3.1 boot files Files to boot Windows 3.1. 14 kb
WinBar Windows 3.1 desktop enhancement program. Creates a "Windows 95" look and operation to Windows 3.1. 174 kb
WinDOS Allows a timed period during boot to choose between beginning a DOS session or booting into Windows 3.1. 33 kb
Word for Windows 2 Early Microsoft Office program. 33 kb
Word 5 for DOS Microsoft Word 5 for DOS. Word processing. 425 kb
Word Web Complete dictionary. 3799 kb
Works 1.01 Early version of a office suite program. 808 kb
Works 3 Office suite program. 2258 kb
WriteOn Very similar to Microsoft Word. 990 kb
Wsavers Screen Savers for Windows 3.1. 160 kb
Yeah Write 1.6 Very similar to Microsoft Word. 1003 kb yw16.exe

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