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The 386 Experience exists to promote the continued use of vintage computers and electronics.  As these systems and software age,  there are fewer and fewer of them available.  Much of the software is discarded as "useless" and the hardware is thrown away for being "obsolete."  We want to rescue the software and electronics before they vanish from existence.  Computer users with knowledge of how to use and repair these systems are still around and it is our responsibility to pass this knowledge on to future generations.  There was a time when you used a typewriter to type a letter, a 8-Track tape to listen to an album, and a dial up modem to connect to the internet.  

The 386 Experience does not claim to hold any copyrights on software made available for download.  We respect the hard work of the developers of these fine products. The purpose of providing these files is to make available games, applications and operating systems for users of vintage computers, educational uses, nostalgia, and preserve them from being lost forever.  Most of the files listed here are no longer sold in retail stores.  If you hold the copyrights on any software that we make available for download and do not wish to see it distributed here, email us and we will remove the files in question immediately.

You are strongly encouraged to make copies of these files and use them in any way that you choose.  If you have any files, media, or information  that you would like to contribute to The 386 Experience, you may contact us at:

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